Who am I?

I’m Thomas Wiggins, a professional software developer of three years of industry experience. I graduated from a M.Sc. Computer Security course at the University of Birmingham, where I obtained a distinction qualification. I also formerly studied B.Sc. Computer Science there and obtained a first class qualification. I am a computer programmer, a software developer and (occasionally) a web designer. I am currently employed by Frontier Developments in Cambridge.

This website

The intention of this website is primarily to display a portfolio of my work (both current and completed), my curriculum vitae, and also to act as a personal blog (when it takes my fancy).

Featured projects

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a personal project that was created to be my primary portfolio piece. It is an application which can load multiple OpenGL demos.

The current demos available for it is a port of my Blocks! project, a graphical demonstration of rayleigh scattering in a skydome and terrain generation, and a alpha demonstration of different shaders.

It is written in C++ and utilises Qt, Boost, OpenGL, Bullet Physics, GLEE and FTGL.

Project page


Blocks! was my final year dissertation and software project for BSc Computer Science, completed in Spring 2008. It featured a puzzle-action gameplay mechanic, and was heavily inspired by the game Portal by Valve Software.

It was written in C++ and utilised various technologies including OpenGL, SDL, Bullet Physics and the Boost library.

The primary focus of this project was to design and create a game engine, and in the process a game using it.

Project page


This is a personal project that I undertook over the Summer, the objective of it was to create a software raytracer, for experience, general interest and partially out of boredom. I wrote it in C# to gain more experience with the language and utilising web articles that I have researched to help with the theory and implementation.

This project is currently on hold due to work.

Project pageDev blog

007-texturesGraphical technology demo

This is an ongoing project to expand my experience and knowledge with OpenGL.

It is planned to be an extensive graphical demonstration of an outdoor scene with effects such as terrain generation, day/night cycle, atmospheric scattering, foliage, water and any other appropriate features.

Dev blog


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